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35D22 - UAZ-469 in Poland vol.1
1/35 decals

A - UAZ-469. Polish Army. unidentified unit, the sixties

B - UAZ-469. Polish Army, Military Police, the eighties

C - UAZ-469. 18th airborne battalion, 6th Airborne Division, the eighties

D - UAZ-469. 103 Gouverment Guard Air Regiment, Warsaw, Bemowo Airbase, the eighties

E - UAZ-469. Polish Border Protection Troops (Border Guard), the eighties

F - UAZ-469. Citizens' Militia (Police), the eighties

G - UAZ-469. Police, the nineties

H - UAZ-469. Police, nowadays

All photos of real vehicles are taken from private archives of Polish Army veterans and military enthusiasts & collectors websides