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48D16 - Willys Jeep in Polish service
1/48 decals

A - Willys MB. 11th Military Police Squadron, 2nd Polish Corps
Italy, 1945

B - Willys MB. 1st Squadron, 2nd Tank Regiment, 1St Armoured Division
Germany, 1945

C - Willys MB. 2nd Tank Regiment, 1st Armoured Brigade
Gdańsk, Poland, March 1945

D - Willys MB, 3rd Carpathian Rifle Battalion, 3rd Carpathian Rifle Division
Italy, 1945

E - Willys MB, 4th Heavy Tank Regiment
Germany, 1945

F - Willys MB, Medic Company, 1st Independent Parachute Brigade
Arnhem, Holland, 1944

G - Willys MB. 2nd Squadron, 10th Dragoons Regiment, 1st Armoured Division

H - Willys MB, Polish Army, the fifties