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72D41 - GAZ 69 in Poland
1/72 decals

A - GAZ-69. Polish Army. Unidentified unit, the fifties

B - GAZ-69. Polish Forces on Golani Heights ( UNDOF ), Gizah tour, the seventies

C - GAZ-69A. Polish Army. Unidentified unit, the seventies

D - GAZ-69. Polish Army. Unidentified unit, the eighties

E - GAZ-69. 6th Airborne Division.
Thousandth Anniversary of Polish State military parade, Warsaw, 22 July 1966

F - GAZ-69. Polish Army, 7th Signal Regiment, Bygdoszcz, 1987

G - GAZ-69. 6th Airborne Division.
Warsaw Pact Military Training "October Storm", Erfurt, East Germany, 1965

H - GAZ-69. 1st Assault Battalion ( commando ). Training ground Dziwnow ( Dievenow ), the seventies

I - GAZ-69A. Military Police, Gouverment Guard Regimant, Warsaw, 1975

J - GAZ-69. Citizens' Militia ( Police ), the sixties

K - GAZ-69. Motorized Reserves of the Citizens' Militia ( anti-riots police squads ), the eighties

L - GAZ-69. Polish Border Protection Troops ( Border Guard ), the eighties

All photos of real vehicles are taken from internet archives of
Institute of National Rememberance, printed press materials,
private archives of Polish Army veterans and military enthusiasts websides