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The correct procedure for applying decals:

- after cutting the selected decal from the sheet, dip it for a few (2-3) seconds in warm water.
- then remove decal from the water and leave on a moist absorbent surface (e.g. tissue, lignin) so that the base paper evenly soaked in water (as opposed to leaving the decal in the water, where usually a relatively thick base paper soaking causes twisting of the decal)
- when we can move the decal on the base paper (which we carefully check with a brush sized to match the size of the decal, not with a finger tip) we can apply the decal to the model
- for this purpose, wet the model with water, in the place where the decal is to be placed, move the soaked sheet with decal with the tweezers over the model, and using a brush, slide the decal into a drop of water on the model (note - we put the decal in a drop of water)
- after positioning the decal, we can drain (e.g. with a corner of the cosmetic tissue) excess water and let it dry.

If you place the decal on difficult surfaces, after applying the decal you can help with the liquid Microscale SOL which causes additional softening of the decal and correct positioning on unevenness of the model.

NOTE: in order to avoid the so-called "film silvering" we always put the decal on the model painted in gloss (at least in places for the decal), and only at the end we finish the surface of the whole model (depending on the needs, be it matt, gloss or satin)